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The Author

My name’s Jens. Born in New Zealand in the early 1970’s, I’ve travelled throughout New Zealand and around the world, eventually settling in Amsterdam.

I’ve visited¬†almost everywhere in New Zealand, done it as a child with my parents, with my friends, as a single man, as a couple and with a young family of my own. Most recently I’ve been travelling as an expat living in Amsterdam, giving an interesting perspective¬†on the changes happening in New Zealand. Aside from traveling around New Zealand, my interests are in the conservation of New Zealand’s natural and cultural heritage and learning more about New Zealand history and culture.


In 2006 we had our first child. Managing that with two careers while still wanting to have a ‘traditional’ family life was difficult, then impossible with our second child in 2008. As a result I became a house-husband. The Netherlands is different to my childhood New Zealand, here the parents are much more involved with their kids. Each day involves dropping off and picking up your kids from school on the cargo bike, shuttling them between play-dates and after-school sports and activities. Full-on.


If I were I perfectionist I would never get started on this project. The few hours I have between kids-stuff means I have to leave things incomplete, and in the rush to get something done I make mistakes. Quite often I catch them later, but I acknowledge that Godzone isn’t perfect – but I do my best!


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